Colors That Make You Look Your Best

Look healthier and more vibrant

Draw attention to your face

Quickly decide on color of clothing

Avoid unflattering purchases

The dull orange sweater color is not a ColorChromatic color for this man, while the blue sweater color is one of his ColorChromatic colors. Notice how this choice of color enhances the man's appearance and leaves a pleasant impression.

When you wear your ColorChromatic colors you frame your face such that it looks its best. Certain colors of clothing are too bright for you and will draw attention away from your face to your garments. Yet other clothing colors are too dull for your face and will draw attention to any imperfections and leave the viewer with the impression that you are tired or ill.

Finding flattering colors of clothing that suit you by hand can be tiresome and it is easy to miss some colors. We have automated the process of finding your colors using our free intelligent personal color analysis service. Unlike some alternative approaches, this method is accurate for all skin tones, in particular for dark skin shades.

Find out more about selecting your clothing colors by watching our video
Think passport photo.
Take your picture indoors so that your face is well lit by daylight, such as when facing a window.
Try to reduce shadows and reflections.
Remove glasses or hat.
Face straight ahead and make sure the top of your head is visible.