Frequently Asked Questions

Which article of clothing should I select based on my colors?

Use this tool to select shirts, jackets, sweaters, scarves and other articles worn directly below your face. The further away the article is from your face, the less important it is to choose its color appropriately.

It is difficult to find clothes in any one particular color. How can this tool be useful for me?

Rather than looking for an exact match, we suggest that you select colors that are similar to those that are recommended for you. For example, suppose you are considering a blue article. The blue section will show you the blues that are recommended for you. If the color you are considering is close to one of the colors shown, then it may be a recommended color for you.

How can I find my most accurate colors?

Please use an image that has few shadows and reflections that is taken using daylight. Do not wear glasses, bright makeup or hair accessories when taking this picture. Look straight ahead and make sure the top of your head is visible, like in a passport photo. The quality of your color result will depend on how well your photograph captures the true colors of your face, so please try to use the best quality image that is properly exposed.

How can I use my colors to help me select clothes with more than one color?

Your colors are intended to help you select garments of a single solid color. For clothes that have more than one color but appear to be one color from a distance, consider if this color is right for you.

I like to wear different colors than those in my palette. Are you suggesting my choices are poor ones?

ColorChromatic is not meant to impede anyone's creativity or fashion sense. This site is meant to suggest some alternative colors to wear that are known to harmonize with your face in case this information can be useful.

Do my colors change when I tan, change hair color or age?

They can. Be sure to update your color recommendations from time to time.

Is this approach based on seasonal color analysis?

No. Seasonal color analysis assigns each person to one of a number of 'seasons'. This tool finds the unique set of flattering colors for each kind of face. It is suitable for all ethnicities and is gender-neutral.